Buying a cockatiel first requires deciding if the bird should be primarily attractive or primarily friendly, and then visit a local pet store to find a healthy, active cockatiel specimen. Purchase a cockatiel based on [More]
I read somewhere that the growth rate of a cockatiel in the first 30 days is so fast that it’s equivalent to a human newborn turning 5 years old in 30 days. So, I was [More]
Hooded Parrots are Australian native birds in the genus Psephotus. There are five other species in this genus and they are the Red-rumped Parrot, Mulga Parrot, Golden-shouldered Parrot and the extinct Paradise Parrot.
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Gang-gang Cockatoos are rarely seen around Melbourne. These ones were filmed along the Yarra River which serves as a corridor through the suburbs for interesting birds and other wildlife. This was a small family group [More]
Nigel Williamson from the Animal Rescue rescued a Gang Gang cockatoo after the bird was hit by a Hyundai Exel car traveling at 80 km in Melbourne Victoria Australia and was stuck in the [More]
A busy time at the local waterhole. These birds are found in the far south east of Victoria and New South Wales, although there are a few colonies elsewhere on the eastern coast. The males [More]
This is a video of a young red capped Parrot feasting.
These Red-tailed Black Cockatoos were captured on camera trap at Mt Gibson
Video is a bit dark since it was just before bedtime. These are definitely one of my favourite species of cockatoo. : )
I reckon it’s a male because it has a broad beak This bird has still got a smidgen of juvenile plumage. Let me know what gender you reckon this Crimson Rosella is. A lady or [More]
Trailer for the forthcoming film Glimpses And Specimens From The Land Of The Night Parrot
Hey, DSyR Psycho here and I was just going to bring you another video about a new bird I got. He is a a Red Sun Cheeked Conure, which is another type of Parrot. His [More]
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