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Meet Rocco! Our Talking Gang-Gang Cockatoo. This is some footage from a 15 minute training session where we were training him to say his name to a visual cue, unfortunatley the cue isn’t visible but for your interest its me winking at him. This was filmed in one of our indoor bird rooms, with many birds chattering in the background. At the end I ask him to come ‘over’. We don’t use the Step-Up cue, so that birds can only be handled by people who know the cue. Check out more about Rocco at

A Gang Gang Cockatoo. He lives near us, but he’s all alone. There are no other GangGangs because they’re not meant to live near here. We’ve seen him around for the last 4 1/2 years

The gang gang cockatoo, a member of the parrot family sounds like a rusty gate or the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle. The male has a bright red head. The female’s head is black. This is shot near Katoomba, near the Three Sisters, in New South Wales, Australia

Rocco the Juvenile Gang Gang Cockatoo is the ROCKSTAR of Bawden’s Cockatoo Chaos!! He is cheeky and cute and has character to boot! for more information on Rocco head to :)

A busy time at the local waterhole. These birds are found in the far south east of Victoria and New South Wales, although there are a few colonies elsewhere on the eastern coast. The males have the fantastic red heads, and their voices are like creaking doors.

A pair of galahs and a pale-headed rosella out in our yard

A compilation of 2 previous videos of Pale Head Rosellas around a nest box put up for them.

a pale headed rosella named yobbo singing his little heart out

Crimson Rosellas in the summer cage living together with mixed finches and canarys.

our parakeet – bridegroom