Three different birds feeding, one battling against bees who want his food just as much as he does the next girl is calling her clan but they want her to come to them and a [More]
A couple of Green Rosella feeding
This bird is a Parrot known as a Green Rosella. A quick look before it realises I’m there, and takes off.
Song for the endangered Western Ground Parrot to raise much needed awareness for these little birds. Only approximately 110 remain in the wild.
Update: Bruno passed away from illness in winter this year 2012. Tickle Tickle Tickle. The parrot’s name is Bruno and he is a Red-sided Eclectus parrot keeping Helen and her family company. Bruno hatched in [More]
Milo, a Solomon Island Eclectus talks, and sings, “You are My Sunshine”.
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Elegant Parrot – video footage captured by our team of bird watchers at Learn from the pro’s and start ticking off that list of lifers.
Taken 16 January 2011.
Inhabits eastern Queensland & New South Wales, Australia
A parakeet that used to be wide spread on the main land New Zealand. Until the late 1980’s this bird was still being blasted off the orchards. It is now a very rare bird found [More]
going on laptop keys to see parakeet mate on u tube
Corellas in Australia waking up. Excerpted from Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots, for full length and full quality, check out
For more bird videos from my aviary and more please subscribe above. Red Rump Parrots feeding each other at The Pheasantasiam. This is Sylvester (Standard Male Red Rump Parrot) and Tweety Pie (Lutino Female Red [More]
Marty and Vanessa have a nice little conversation, and then he has a solo act. Wikipedia information: Red-rumped Parrot, Psephotus haematonotus, Red-backed Parrot, Red Rumped Parakeet, Grass Parrot
From: GordonB