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http://thedailycockatiel.blogspot.com/ Our cockatiels taking a bath… actually, they’re not very good at it really, they prefer showers! Filmed by Tracy
I have a very smart and lovable cockatiel named Nanners. He sings “If Your Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands and the Andy Griffith Theme Song. Listen to him say whatcha doin, hello, [More]
That area has loads of mosquitoes! Should have worn jeans.
This is our latest video of Bella Swan our now 22 week old Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. She is a doll, listen to the video or come over and read the posting on our message board [More]
Here is one of the most beautiful birds of the parrot kingdom.
Debut – Bella is 5 years old a Pink Major Mitchell Cockatoo. An Australian Cockatoo and one of the most beautiful. She is so Cute wants to be centre of attention all the time. Believe [More]
Nicole’s directorial debut is a reenactment of the Comanche legend that explains why bluebonnets grow in Texas. A drought disperses the buffalo and brings hunger. Spirit-Talker tells his people the drought is punishment for their [More]
Recorded on May 12, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
Matilda the cockatoo, trying out the education space!
Gorgeous male cockatoo saying hello
this is the noise our Batman makes when he wants some social time. He doesnt normally make it for me as its usually reserved for my husband
This is Tookie. She is Rachel & Ouida’s Rosella Parakeet showing off. She likes that theme song.
A family of Eastern Rosellas that have been nesting in the nest box we erected in our back yard. Lismore NSW Australia. October 2009
King parrot is speaking “hello”!
Australian King parrot training the step up, without flying away
Found in Queensland and Northern Australia
From: GordonB