A couple of Eastern Rosellas on the lawn at work
Practicing outdoor free flights with our australian king parrot Crackie. She appears to be quite relaxed about being outside but she does not undertake to venture out farther away from us. This is one of [More]
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Extremely Beautiful Red Winged Parrots available for sale. Can be delivered all over Pak in 24 hours through Airways, Railways and Road ways LIVE and HEALTHY Birds Arrival Guaranteed. Any 1 interested plz call 0092-321-2566273 [More]
Red-winged parrots, noshing on mango.
‘Instincts’ Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) Captive Management Using Biological Data http://www.parrotbreeding.com.au/resources/orange-bellied-parrot-instincts/ The Orange-bellied Parrot is faced with a number of challenges and does not need the added potential pressure of reduced vigor and loss of [More]
A male Orange-bellied Parrot perches on a dead branch and calls. It wears a unique legband identifying it as ‘Black Red G’. Visit ‘Save the Orange-bellied Parrot’ on Facebook for more information: www.facebook.com/orangebelliedparrot Donate: givematcher.com.au [More]
Every day I try to get little Don fresh wattle flowers which he uses as pillows. Once I saw him dive into a bed of wattle flowers..that made my day!
My kakarikis are really hardened. They like bathing in winter, when temperature is about -8°C. What do you think about it? 😀
They are only found living wild in New Zealand. However I found this one sitting on my bird feeder thousands of miles away, here in Wolverhampton…in the UK !
Kakariki parrots singing… more like talking or just making sounds ?????? ??????? ?????????????? ?????
The Red Winged Parrot is closely related to the familiar King Parrot. However, the Red Winged Parrot tends to inhabit the dryer woodlands compared to the King Parrots favored Rainforest and Wet Sclerophyll. Both these [More]
With National Threatened Species Day today 7th Sept. I have put together some of my footage of the beautiful Orange-bellied Parrot, for you!
Little Lorikeet – video footage captured by our team of bird watchers at www.ej-birdwatching.com. Learn from the pro’s and start ticking off that list of lifers.
They may be 1/20 the size of the cockatoos, but they don’t take any shit when it comes to good quality seedage!
From: GordonB