Australian Cockatoos

Meet Rocco! Our Talking Gang-Gang Cockatoo. This is some footage from a 15 minute training session where we were training him to say his name to a visual cue, unfortunatley the cue isn’t visible but for your interest its me winking at him. This was filmed in one of our indoor bird rooms, with many birds chattering in the background. At the end I ask him to come ‘over’. We don’t use the Step-Up cue, so that birds can only be handled by people who know the cue. Check out more about Rocco at

The gang gang cockatoo, a member of the parrot family sounds like a rusty gate or the sound of a cork coming out of a bottle. The male has a bright red head. The female’s head is black. This is shot near Katoomba, near the Three Sisters, in New South Wales, Australia

A Gang Gang Cockatoo. He lives near us, but he’s all alone. There are no other GangGangs because they’re not meant to live near here. We’ve seen him around for the last 4 1/2 years

Rocco the Juvenile Gang Gang Cockatoo is the ROCKSTAR of Bawden’s Cockatoo Chaos!! He is cheeky and cute and has character to boot! for more information on Rocco head to :)

A busy time at the local waterhole. These birds are found in the far south east of Victoria and New South Wales, although there are a few colonies elsewhere on the eastern coast. The males have the fantastic red heads, and their voices are like creaking doors.

A pair of affectionate Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo’s. These birds prefer the arid to semi arid interior of Qld, NSW and Vic to West Coast WA and Great Australian Bight.

This is our weekly video diary of Bella Swan our Major Mitchell’s Cocaktoo. I narrate in the video that tells what this last week has been like with her. The biggest observation I have made is that she is very much a ground dweller, more so than any of my other Cockatoos. We are adding foraging buckets of toys to her cage on a lower level. Also hanging toys from the sides of the cage down low for her enjoyment. She no longer wants syringe hand feedings, but will take some from a spoon, but she is eating very well her dried foods and her warm veggies as well. She is independent and very social with myself and the kids and even others who come visiting. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos are ones that need to be held and out of their cage often. She loves to chew wood and knows how to use that beak. She is full of funny noises and beeps she makes. We are loving raising her to be a healthy, independent, social Cockatoo. Keep watching each week for the video diary of raising a healthy, emotionally stable, loving Cockatoo as we will do a video each week as she gets up to a year old.

Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Tyabb, Australia

Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Tyabb, Australia

White tailed Black Cockatoo eating the bottle brush

Rare black cockatoo.. they come around to feed on the pine cones and grab a drink as this one did…. This is the white tail or Carnaby’s Cockatoo. Filmed at our place at Bilambil Heights.