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GWN7 news item from Monday 18th September covering the campaign to protect Helms and the threat to endangered black cockatoos from logging Helms, which is near Nannup in WA. The news reader got it wrong. [More]
The Blackwood Basin Group has been working to convert historic mining pits in the Greenbushes area to wetland habitat for threatened native fauna. As part of this project we are also working to protect and [More]
A pair of White-tailed Black cockatoo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [More]
Just a quick iphone special featuring the amazing (and endangered, so rare) western rosella. Shout out to Cadence Blue!
Short video documenting Western Rosellas and their status campaigning for their protection.
Resident of Central Australia
The “night parrot” is a small parrot endemic to the continent of Australia. The species was originally placed within its own genus , but most authors now prefer to place it within the genus “Pezoporus” [More]
Jake, my RCCB, doing his thing while the other birds chatter among themselves.
these are how all cockatiels appear in native australia.Only grey. This is Alice Springs.2 males 2 females. Also i feature some other birds especially the beautiful and shy Elegant Parrots of southern australia.
This is Blaze. He is a Elegant Grass Parakeet. Listen to his beautiful song. Like and subscribe for more videos www.facebook.com/loveofpetsLoveofpets3
There are 143 bird species in this video from 3 states; NSW, Queensland and the ACT. I have also included pictures of those birds which are markedly different in the immature state or across genders. [More]
This is Juice from San Antonio Zoo! I was an intern there a couple of years. I cleaned the Lorikeet enclosure every morning and nearly everyday Juice would come for a head rub. She would [More]
can someone help with the ID of the bird calling at 0:47 and again at 0:54?
Cyanoramphus is a genus of parakeets native to New Zealand and islands of the southern Pacific Ocean. The New Zealand forms are often referred to as k?k?riki. They are small to medium-sized parakeets with long [More]
This video features Mr and Mrs Kingy, two king parrots who have been regulars for some time and also Westie, what we believe to be a western corella who has also been a regular for [More]
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