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Platycercus flaveolus – rozella żółta (ang. Yellow Rosella) Australia, Victoria, 2010-04

This is my bird flight room where most birds live uncaged. These are various species of Australian parakeets including (English) budgies, bourkes, scarlet chested parakeets, mulga parakeets, a cockatiel and also a diamond dove.

My lovely much loved tiels Mulga and Luca – two birds with totally different personalities. Patience is the key to taming a parrot.

What kinds of native plants can you feed your Australian parrots? Mulga and Luca get a wide range of native plants to chew, shred, eat and play with – they are sharing a yellow grevillea flower in this film, but also love banksia, acacia (wattle), eucalyptus, hakea, melaluca, and the occasional bottle brush (callistemon). The Point Lowly peninsula, famous for the annual Giant Australian Cuttlefish migration faces the mounting threat of wholesale industrialisation. A new jetty, mineral storage facilities and a rail link at Port Bonython has been proposed, and was granted Major Project Status in early March, 2012. In 2011, Senex Energy received development approval for new refinery and diesel storage infrastructure, and BHP Billiton have received state and federal approvals for the establishment of a desalination plant which will return brine back into the sea immediately off Point Lowly. Presently there is only one heavy industrial facility operating on the peninsula, Santos’ Gas Fractionation Plant. Locals in Whyalla, including community leaders and politicians have been calling out for the rezoning of the peninsula for years, but the South Australian State Government have ignored or marginalised their voices. The peninsula and adjacent waters are home to dolphin, sleepy lizards, kangaroo, magpies, black-faced woodswallows, wrens, wood white butterflies, red-necked stints, red-capped plovers, Richard’s pipits, dusky moorhen, mulga parrots cormorants, pelicans, silver gulls, crested terns, emu and many other animals and insects… even the occasional visiting Australian Sealion. A residential population at Point Lowly stand to be hemmed in by industry, and holiday makers will be discouraged from visiting as more and more of the region is sacrificed to and impacted by

Świergotka wielobarwna – Psephotus varius (ang. Mulga Parrot) Australia, Victoria, 2011-05

Eastern, Red, Red Cinnamon, Mealy, Crimson, Lutino, Rubino Rosella’s, Opaline, albino and blue Rumps, Hooded Parrots, exhibition budgries of Syed Ovais Bilgrami 0092-321-2566273

Fresh Imported Hooded Parrots of Syed Ovais Bilgrami 0092-321-2566273

The chicks are incredibly excited, with the hen in the box feeding them. The calling for attention and frenzied activity is coming from every quarter. By contrast the hen is quietly going about her business. Selecting a chick to feed, checking as she is going and then moving on to another chick. In the end about 4-5 chicks were feed in this snap shot.

Nesting box cam has been down for a couple of weeks now. We had seen so by looking in the box itself, but when the NB cam went live, it very quickly became evident that the number of eggs had expanded from 6 to 8. The hen vacated the box to give us a good look at the whole clutch.

The Adelaide Rosella here has been sitting on her eggs for sometime. Either a disturbance or the need to investigate something outside or simple the need for a stretch takes her to the entrance of the box, during which time the eggs are fully exposed. Following which she returns to her eggs and adjusts them, and does some preening, before settling down to incubating again.

As its name implies this colorful parrot resides around Adelaide in South Australia