I was catching up with a friend, and these guys (Alisterus scapularis) come round every day and he feeds them seeds. More here. http://bit.ly/13bRxN1
Red-winged Parrot upside down noshing on mango
Feeding baby rainbow lorikeet
Footage of several wild forest-fringe birds filmed early on a dewy morning on the Tasman Peninsula. First is the Green Rosella parrot, next are the hyperactive nectar-eating Eastern Spinebill and New Holland Honeyeater. The final [More]
This week The BATV crew searches for some of the urban parakeets of palm beach county. We also get to sample some of the other cool activities of the Palm Beaches like fishing and surfing, [More]
Hi Everyone, Thank You for visiting with my babies. I am Rita from Rainbow Parrots. Many of my babies go home to families who live in other states. The purpose of my videos is to [More]
Elvis is a long-billed corella that came to me a few months ago from an avian vet (so this is a rescue case). He was an abandoned pet. Untamed, terrified of humans with some minor [More]
As many of you out there know, birds show their love/affection by regurgitating. B-boy does it very often, and even though for humans it’s slightly gross, we take it as a huge compliment!
BIRDS IN MY BACKYARD / Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo Filmed 27 November, 2015 A Male Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo picks unripe cherry plums from the tree and holds them in his claw while he breaks it [More]
A flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying overhead on the mid-North Coast of New South Wales. They’re such majestic creatures, I get a thrill every time I hear them coming and could never get tired [More]
The stars of the Cuddle Buddie video have now been with me for 3 weeks. They have grown a lot in that time and are now starting to explore eating by themselves.
Northern Rosella of Australia has Natural Element in Aviary Sylvan Heights Bird Park
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Also known as the Rose-breasted Cockatoo
From: GordonB