The endangered swift parrot has been sighted along the southern and east coast of Tasmania from as far south as Dover through to Orford on the eastern seaboard. And during that time, our forest officers [More]
A researcher has scaled trees in bushland in Tasmania to discover more about the habits of the endangered swift parrot.
This darling cockatoo was so placid and came to my hand without much trouble. I was surprised how delicate he was with his beak – an expert at peeling tiny seeds with a massive beak [More]
Shot from our balcony this morning when a flock of about eight of these big birds came swooping in to feed on the pine cones.. These birds mainly Inhabit the Eastern & Southern coastal areas [More]
Australian Galah in an avery.
this little fella likes to carry on a bit….lol
This is my beautiful male scarlet chested parrot singing beautifully for the camera. hope you enjoy- Dont mind my mum and her friend in the background haha
Double Eyed Fig Parrot – video footage captured by our team of bird watchers at Learn from the pro’s and start ticking off that list of lifers.
Video taken at Kuranda Bird World Australia’s smallest parrot, with an average total length of 14 cm. Rather hard to keep in captivity due to their specific dietary requirements, but not impossible. Most individuals when [More]
( Double-eyed Fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diopthalma macleayana) feeding at Lake Eacham.
The Avicultural Society of New South Wales (ASNSW) – Society member Paul Henry being interviewed by Graeme Phipps (a Life Member and current President of the Society) about the keeping and breeding Bourke’s Parrots at [More]
Skittles and Oliver today Skittles the Rainbow Lorikeet, and Oliver domestic Ginger Tom Skittles is doing his love dance Oliver is just taking it in his stride but not at 0.22 seconds in sneeze and [More]
The feeding of the Rainbow Lorikeets at Bungalow Bay Koala Village which is on the North-east side of Magnetic island, just off the coast of Townsville, Queensland. FYI The sun is very strong during the [More]
Playful Paradise Parrot Playing With His Ball
The Paradise Parrot (Psephotus pulcherrimus) was a colorful medium-sized parrot native to the grassy woodlands of the Queensland – New South Wales border area of eastern Australia.
From: GordonB