Meet Rocco! Our Talking Gang-Gang Cockatoo. This is some footage from a 15 minute training session where we were training him to say his name to a visual cue, unfortunatley the cue isn’t visible but [More]
A never forgotten friend of Chris.
Wild Gang Gang’s feeding. These amazing birds are so trusting. Despite all the push and shove in these scenes, these birds are actually very gentle. Filmed by Video Innovations.
My Australian ring neck dancing to “pong” an industrial genre and my budgie’s caught in action
Wild green rosella eating on the ground at Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek, Tasmania, 10-9-2009
Wild green rosella at Trowunna Wildlife Park, Mole Creek, Tasmania, 10-9-2009
this is a Tasmanian Gren Rosella about 6 weeks old being hand fed, they are a very flighty bird in an aviary so we hand raise them all, it make them a lot quitter in [More]
Just a quick vid to document a couple sightings: Amazona viridigenalis aka red-crowned or green-cheeked parrot. See here for more info: No, it’s not a great vid; they’re only here at sunrise and sunset [More]
Read full InnerFidelity review here: Woohoo! First HD video!
Elegant Parrot – video footage captured by our team of bird watchers at Learn from the pro’s and start ticking off that list of lifers.
He worked out what blue-winged and orange-bellied parrots do in the wild by eating these shrubby glasswort bulbs to get the seeds out. Located in coastal areas of southern victoria.
This is Kiwi, my Goldies Lorikeet, he is being a cutie today. He turned 3 on March 26, 2012.
Taken on Ulva Island, the bird sanctuary island at ‘Stewart Island’.
Nieuw Zeeland Antipodes Island Parakeet Te Anau Lake Manapouri Takahe
Little Corella’s are Cockatoos which are a bit bigger than a Galah, but smaller than a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Check out my channel for more bird videos:
A wild Little Corella at Peel Zoo talking & taking bread from me. He’s so cute & funny! He says what ya doing & can also say hello. His little friend isn’t as brave as [More]
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