Adult Talking Eastern Rosella Cock of Syed Ovais Bilgrami 0092-321-2566273
Fresh Imported Eastern Rosella’s of Syed Ovais Bilgrami 0092-321-2566273
Rikki is a adopted escapee. And special in my life. She has only been with me a few months. Her story is on Avian Avenue
The day before Christmas 2010, this King Parrot visited my place. It was a great experience to have this beautiful parrot eating from my hand. His mate was a little further away and when I [More]
These are my two Rosey Bourke Parakeets, they are both males. This is their cage set up and they are ready to be covered by a blanket over their cage for bedtime. Please rate, comment [More]
A real jewel with an incredible mix of colors!… Pretty shy bird that came only one time and for a few seconds near my blind and made me dream!… Stirling Range Retreat, Western Australia. October [More]
Red-crowned parrot. San Benito Texas 2012-10-12. Panasonic HDC-TM 900 shot at 1080/60 p. Aunsoft final mate for windows lossless output. Google chrome upload. You Tube editor processing
Harvey with his Mackerel toy from the lovely Olivers Garden store in Canada; He is a DNA SEXED MALE, displaying the juvenile colouring.
They have been around our home for weeks, and are a common sight every year, or perhaps I should say, a common part of the soundtrack to these hills. The Forest redtails are noisy, boisterous [More]
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Luci works her puzzle for pine nut treats
Is it just us, or do both of these creatures have extra-scary mouths? More CONAN @
We share this earth with many beings. Care for all living Creatures. Thank you for being here… Namaste
Baby is a Double Factor Blue Princess Parrot whom I bought not long ago, so half of what he says, I have no clue, lol. Some of it sounds like “you win, you lose”, lol. [More]
My bird Elmo talking to me and Grover the cockatiel
ny 6 years old major mitchell cockatoo talking and singing, it was early in the morning where i was drinking my coffee and he loves to join me for a little talk, what i am [More]
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