Rainbow Lorikeet Tootsie Chatters
Two wild rainbow lorikeets engage in a friendly wrestling tussle.
Joel Heagney is our Bird Specialist at the Pet Shop Boyz in Mayfield West. He will be giving very basic tips on how to feed your pet lorikeet. Take these tips as a guideline and [More]
Hi Everyone, Thank You for visiting with my babies. I am Rita from Rainbow Parrots. Many of my babies go home to families who live in other states. The purpose of my videos is to [More]
Memancing Udang Galah Mengundang Sensasi Memancing Yang Mendebarkan. Memancing Udang
Budak lagi dah pandai memancing udang galah .
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The iconic Tasmanian swift parrot is facing population collapse and could become extinct within 16 years, new research has found. The researchers have called on the Federal Government to list the birds as critically endangered. [More]
This is a movie about the effects of development on endangered species, in particular the glossy black cockatoo.
The Enviro Warrior interviews Brett from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about the Glossy Black Cockatoo and how the sanctuary is helping with Glossy Black Cockatoo conservation.
Cheeky Pale Headed Rosella A vid a day June 2016
Found from the Cape York Peninsula south through to Cardwell in central-northern Queensland. While the southern subspecies palliceps extends from Townsville and points inland south into northeastern New South Wales to the vicinity of the [More]
A 30 year old Australian galah with a blue vocabulary! A language warning for anyone who is a little prudish.
Burt the galah always looks forward to having his head scratched. If it were possible Burt would let me scratch him all day. The galah is an excellent pet parrot species. If you want a [More]
my superb parrot’s Emil and Asta, Emil try to woo Asta with mixed results.
Superb Parrots (Polytelis swainsonii) comprise one of three species in the genus Polytelis; these beautiful birds are restricted to dry sclerophyll woodland in southeastern Australia.
Shaunas Pet Shop: Superb Parrot In this episode Shauna from Shaunas Pet Shop will guide us through the basics of the Barraband’s parrot (Superb parrot) and taking care of this wonderful bird. Shaunas Pet Shop [More]
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