Australian white cockatoo likes taking a bike ride with his young friend
Crazy,funny herbie the princess parrot just having funny
You have been waiting for this Bird Tameness’ fans !. Meet flora !. Flora survived from a car accident. It hit the car , dropped on the floor unconscious, had a twisted leg, was excessively [More]
This is Milo, my twelve year old Eclectus Parrot. Dancing to his favourite song, Sexy and I Know It – by LMFAO. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it makes me! ENJOY! The [More]
Let parrot trainer Chet Womach, guide you with 2 quick, free tips on how to work with and train your Eclectus parrot. He’s guided hundreds of Eclectus owners to better behaved birds, and now you [More]
Blue-winged Parrot feeding young near Shag Bay, Southern Tasmania 23 December 2012.
Susie the Scaly breasted Lorikeet.. One off Sconey’s best friends giving him kisses and a bark and a bit of chatter…. Susie is around 7 month olds… When she is older she will not stop [More]
this is my scaly breasted lorikeet pugsy being a ferral!!!!
Kakariki release at Zealandia/Karori Sanctuary, 9 July 2010. 25 Kakariki (red-crowned parakeet, Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae) were released from their holding aviary in Zealandia/Karori Sanctuary today (9 July 2010). They were translocated from Kapiti Island earlier in [More]
The first k?k?riki raised in captivity have been released back into the wild on the mainland. It’s a momentous occasion for the wildlife revival programme that’s been running in the Abel Tasman National Park.
This is my Galah Charlie – He’s enjoying the boxes we have for moving. He also enjoys talking jibberish and waving He is my everything. I love him more then some humans! Also you can [More]
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Clip from the movie War Horse – WWI (Second) Battle of the Somme 1918 the British get piped over the top to the tune Blue Bonnets (O’er The Border). The piper is Callum Armstrong. Copyright [More]
A lone Eastern Rosella that was calling out for other Eastern Rosellas. This video is best viewed as audio only, as I had placed the mobile phone in my bedroom window and just left it [More]
Very friendly Crimosn Rosella at Hyams beach (Jervis Bay) NSW Australia Sept 2013
From: GordonB