Baby is a Double Factor Blue Princess Parrot whom I bought not long ago, so half of what he says, I have no clue, lol. Some of it sounds like “you win, you lose”, lol. [More]
My bird Elmo talking to me and Grover the cockatiel
ny 6 years old major mitchell cockatoo talking and singing, it was early in the morning where i was drinking my coffee and he loves to join me for a little talk, what i am [More]
Phoenix, my Major Mitchell Cockatoo shows how to wear a Hoodie! For more of his journey and her mates, please join us at Parrot Buddies And Mates (PBAM) Cheers. Ed
Rainbow Lorikeets always hassle the other birds. Itz as tho they just carnt stop doing it. ====== Here’s 2 Rainbow Lorikeets having a randy few minutes on my verandah table. They aint fussed by me [More]
Learn more about parrots at Crimson Rosella — Platycercus elegans
Glossy Black Cockatoos come down to drink at this water hole most afternoons. The water hole is located on private property adjacent to Tanja State Forest which is scheduled for woodchipping. Tanja forest is located [More] ’50-fifty’: hand reared Glossy Black Cockatoo Captive bred and hand-reared at Priam Psittaculture Centre Research & Breeding.
This is Honky at her glorious best, letting everyone know she’s the boss and what she thinks of life.
Our chuck chuck jabbering away, coughing, and calling our dog – tank after running a muck.
Our long billed corella, Roy talking jibberish
Australian white cockatoo eating a seedpod.
Midori is an exceptionally smart and outgoing Australian King parrot.
This is Lefty. He’s a gregarious wild and free spirited Aussie King Parrot. He’s smart enough to perch next to my door and call out to let me know he’s arrived and wants a seed [More]
A HAnd Reared KIng Parrot who Luvs a chat!!
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